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The ease and affordability of CD duplication has opened many doors for independent and self-publishing musicians. Whether you burn and package your own discs at home, or contract with a duplication facility, you get what you need.

However...one thing that most duplication projects lack is that final professional touch that sets them aside from "store-bought" replication projects: a quality case wrap. Sure, you can settle for shrinkwrap, with its puckered, rough edges, wrinkles, and holes...and until now, this was often the only option that made sense.

Until now. We are proud to offer a new service, providing professional overwrap, with true "cigarette-style" folds -- just like the big-name discs at the record store. No rough edges here. Now, you can sell your discs at retail outlets without fear of theft, loss, damage, or simply being looked down on because of the "homemade" feel. Set your disc apart with real overwrap.

Fast Service! Any Quantity!

The service is simple: send us your discs, we wrap them with all the speed we can muster, and return them to you. Pricing is simple for any quantity of discs, you pay a per-piece rate. Shipping charges and sales tax (in MN) do apply. We recommend packaging your discs securely to prevent breakage in shipment; we will use your packaging to return the finished discs to you.

No minimum quantity required: whether you want to wrap a couple discs for a special presentation, or several hundred for your latest album release, your discs will be processed with the same speed and care.

Please note that this service is only available for standard size CD jewel cases.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal for disc wrapping services.

Need more than wrapping?

Looking for a full line of duplication and replication services? Would you like everything to be handled by one firm, experienced in producing quality products at affordable prices?

Pacific Rim Sound offers short-run duplication services including color disc printing, booklet printing, assembly, and overwrapping...the entire enchilada on one plate. Just send us your masters and artwork and we'll ship you fully completed CD's made to your specifications.

Need more than 500? We'll affordably replicate your project, with available turnaround times well under a week.

Ready to get wrapped up?

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