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Classical and acoustic recording is our specialty: we have over eight years of experience in many different venues, and our equipment is carefully selected and assembled for the special demands of location recording. We are life-long musicians who understand what you do.

We want to earn your business! Please contact us if you have any questions about our services, or wish to reserve your dates on our schedule now.

We are pleased to offer several cost-effective ways to record: a complete 1,000 CD package, the traditional hourly session rate, and a selection of special concert packages for capturing your live performance.

Concert and Event Recording Packages

All recording packages include:
· Up to two hours recording at event location, plus setup and strike
· Up to eight channels digital recording
· Travel within 50 miles of Cannon Falls, Minnesota
· Audio editing, post-production, and mastering to CD
· One edited CD of the performance
· CD's in slim jewel cases with printed disc face and case insert


CD Orders and
mailing handled by

Price per CD
Recording Fee
PRS Direct
(orders by mail or website)

(minimum of 30 CD's)

No CD Purchases

Notes: CD orders for Economy and Fee-Free packages must be placed in bulk; multiple orders acceptable.
Standard and Economy packages have no minimum order.
Bulk orders in excess of 100 discs qualify for discount pricing; contact us for details.


1,000 CD Production Package

We are excited to offer a complete package which includes all you need to produce retail-ready CD's:

  • Up to three days of recording, allowing you time to give your best performance without pressure
  • Professional editing, post-production and mastering in our facilities
  • 1000 CD's that include a 4-page color cover booklet, color traycard, color silkscreen printing on the CD face, deluxe full-size jewel case, and retail shrinkwrap.
Your complete cost (not including shipping or copyright fees) is just $2595.
The bottom line is that after selling just 200 CDs at $15, your recording expenses are fully recouped--and you can clear more than $10,000 on the remainder!


Studio Book Rates

During a recording project, the last thing an artist needs is the nagging thought of the clock ticking away the dollars. To enable you to think only about the music, we offer a day-rate in which the only recording session time constraint is your concentration and endurance. For those with different needs, we offer the traditional hourly rate, but with a two-hour minimum plus any applicable setup charge.

Mobile Recording: $60 per hour / $400 per day (up to 12 hours)
Editing, post-production or mastering: $40 per hour
CD-R copies: $5 each ($6 for color)

Expenses such as travel, meals, and shipping are not included in the hourly rates.
Additional equipment rental will be billed at cost plus 10%.

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding our packages, rates, or fees. If nothing you see here meets your needs, we are always happy to create a custom proposal for you.
Thank you for considering Pacific Rim Sound for your recording needs.

— Pacific Rim Sound - Classical & Acoustic Recording since 1999

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