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From our founding in 1999, Pacific Rim Sound has grown to offer a full complement of classical and acoustic recording services, as well as editing, post-production and CD duplication for both large and small projects.

Pacific Rim Sound is currently based in Welch, MN and serving the surrounding area, including greater Minneapolis/St. Paul and Rochester. Outside the southern/central MN area, arrangements can be made for us to travel to your event anywhere in the nation.

Joshua Wyatt, owner/operator:
"I've had a fascination with microphones and technology all my life," notes Joshua; as a performer from a young age, he had a fair amount of exposure to audio and recording technology on the stage. That first purchase of a simple recorder and a pair of microphones only served to fuel his interest in recording as an art and a science, and he developed a working relationship with a mentor with years of live recording experience.

Also interested in computers and architecture since childhood, he "always figured [he'd] end up as an engineer or something." By working on recording sessions throughout his high school years, he came to realize that he could combine his loves of music and technology through audio recording. This, in part, is what drove him to attend St. Olaf College (Northfield, MN), where he worked--among other jobs-- as a broadcast engineer at WCAL 89.3, a public radio station which broadcast from the campus of St. Olaf from 1922-2004. While at St. Olaf, Joshua also served as technical assistant/advisor (sound/stage/lighting) to the dance department, and technical director of the Opera Workshop interim program.

Joshua graduated from St. Olaf in May 2005 with a Bachelor of Music degree in Church Music, and completed the requirements for a Management Studies concentration. He studied voice and organ performance, and sang under world-renown conductors including Robert Scholz (Viking Chorus), John Ferguson (St. Olaf Cantorei), and Anton Armstrong (St. Olaf Choir). The college, with its strong musical community, as well as entrepreneurial support, provided the perfect environment to foster the growth of Pacific Rim Sound and expansion of services. Today, we provide a full complement of recording, production, and duplication services.

Joshua was honored to receive a Finstad Entrepreneurial grant in 2003 for Pacific Rim Sound from the St. Olaf Center for Experiential Learning. He looks forward to a continuing career in the audio industry, specializing in classical and acoustic recording. He has always subscribed to his grandfather's advice to "pick a job you love, because you're going to be doing it a long time" ... ["Find a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life"]. In addition to audio work, his interests run to computers, RF systems, and emerging technology. He is a weather enthusiast, student pilot, aircraft homebuilder, and enjoys canoeing, hiking, and road trips.

— Pacific Rim Sound - Classical & Acoustic Recording since 1999

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