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For music ensembles and acoustic musicians, making a recording is like having your portrait painted. You want a painter who will capture the essence of the subject with a sense of style. Why not hire a house painter? Surely, they have paint and brushes and can get the paint on a surface--perhaps even for a lower fee!

Too often, this is how recording projects are planned. The recording engineer may have the requisite tools, but little concept of the music or the musicians. They can "get sound on tape" and perform some basic editing, but often lack the musical training to read the scores or communicate with the musicians as colleagues.

Since 1999, Pacific Rim Sound has been providing classical and acoustic recording services of the highest quality. We are classically-trained musicians who understand who you are and what you do. Our speciality is capturing your solo or ensemble performances with the highest fidelity. Currently operating out of Welch, Minnesota and serving the surrounding areas, we will travel to your location to record your recital, concert, event, or special project.

Classical and Acoustic Recording Specialists

In the musical sphere, there is a multitude of variety: orchestrations, genres, eras, and so much more. There are any number of rock bands, rappers, punk artists, country crooners, and the like eager to put out an album on any given day. How did we decide to specialize in classical and acoustic recording? Simple--it is the music we make, and enjoy listening to. We have musical training and work with, direct, and perform the type of music we record.

The advantage for your project is obvious: we understand what you are about, how and why you make the music you do. We know where the tone comes out of a flute, harp, violin, guitar, or oboe; how the instrument interacts with the room. We understand the personal passion and commitment you bring to the stage every time you perform, and your desire to effectively communicate with your audience. We read music, whether for solo voice or an orchestral score, and we listen to the same types of recordings that you do--not just the big name national releases, but regional and community musicians from our area.

All this means we bring to the table a sense of who you are, and a commitment to capturing and preserving the artistry of your performances, whether for a concert archival or a local, regional, or national CD release project.
Some of the folks we enjoy working with include:

  • Concert Bands, Orchestras, and Choirs -- large and small
  • Solo musicians -- both vocal and instrumental
  • Classical and jazz pianists
  • Vocal and instrumental music teachers
  • Barbershop choruses and quartets -- guys and gals
  • Bluegrass musicians
  • Acoustic & classical guitarists
  • Composers
  • Church ensembles
  • ...and other projects we take a special or peculiar interest in!

Experienced and Dedicated to Quality

In the world of audio, experience can often be the most important factor in ensuring your project’s success. We have a proven track record dating from 1999, and draw on a wealth of past experience.

We will record and produce your project using the latest in reliable, high-resolution digital audio technology. Our modern workstations support digital standards up to 32 bit/96 kHz, high track counts, and are fully upgradable to support the newest standards, including surround sound and DVD-Audio. A partial list of our equipment is available on our Equipment page.

Once the recording is finished, we can provide you with a full line of CD duplication and replication services to complete your project with a minimum of time and expense. Please see our Duplication page for more information, and ask us to prepare a quote for you.

Is your school music ensemble or church choir in need of a unique way to raise money? Consider the possibility of creating a special fundraising project around an upcoming concert or special recording session. Participants enjoy the sense of importance and excitement they get from a recording project, and it's a great way to raise money by doing what you do best -- performing!

Our affordable rates, local service, and quick turnaround make your next recording project a snap. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

— Pacific Rim Sound - Classical & Acoustic Recording since 1999

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